Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not forgotten...

  Statistics show that ONE in FOUR women have had an abortion. I never forgot this statistic. And I also never forgot something a friend said when asked the question, "What do we do about it?" The answer for right now- since we obviously will not be changing legislators minds ANY time soon- is to minister to post-abortive men and women. From my own experiences with these women their pain is VERY real. The forgiveness is so hard and the healing is very slow.

So I wanted to  re-post these links. If you find yourself in this situation or know a woman (or MAN for sure). Here is my shabby attempt at ministering...                             

Rachel's Vineyard Post-abortive retreats (held all over the country, closest to LC is in Lafayette)
Recovery Resource
Silent No More Awareness Campaign
Project Rachel
... You are not forgotten, you are not alone.

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