Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A few things to share... all of great importance!

Jacob Joseph is walking. It is only to entertain us and not because he actually chooses it as a mode of transportation. He loves to see us smile and will instruct us on how to show him that we are impressed. This means that we are to "ooh" or "yeah."

Though I choose not to display a picture to show this next bit of information...

It's a BOY!!
Baby Dawson is a boy. What does this mean? Therese remains our only daughter (on earth) and that David has three sons (on earth). I foresee many weekends that "the boys" take off to do... er... all the things that just boys go to do. It means that my precious Therese is even more special to me each time I think about this phenomenon... I totally thought it was a girl- like I would have bet money on it. Is this our last, you may ask? The answer is "I certainly hope not." If this statement needs further explanation... you'll just have to wait for another post. Sigh.

And the last bit I wish to share is that 
I'm going on a silent retreat (shhhh)

   David's Christmas gift to me is a 4 day silent retreat at St Charles Retreat Center in Moss Bluff. How does it work? I don't have a flippin' clue... never done one before. (I'll give those who know me well some time to chuckle at what a failure I may turn out to be in actually remaining silent for 4 days... done? Ok, I'll continue). I will be the ONLY retreatant at the center, and I will be making my own meals in a little kitchen area, I will have use of the entire property (to myself, remember) and will be able to meet with a priest for Mass and for spiritual direction, and I will have unlimited access to the adoration chapel!!!!! If you can imagine what this retreat will do for my spiritual life, my motherhood, and most importantly, my marriage. I can't wait. OH and maybe I should mention that I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED! I don't know if I'm going to be able to talk to myself? Sing? I mean... I have not the first idea. I am only to take with me (per David's instructions) to study/reflect: 1)Bible 2) Journal 3) Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr Michael Gaitley (read through half of it and will give it a second try this weekend). No phone, no computer, nada. David Dawson is a genius... and obviously has access to God's notebook as to what his wife is in DESPERATE need of.

So if you think of it, send me your prayer requests and I will CERTAINLY have the free time to pray for you.

See you later, blogging world. Going off to shut my mouth!!


Kari said...

Wonderful news! I can't wait to hear his name. Praying for you and your sweet family, and that your retreat goes well. A silent retreat sounds like a wonderful gift!

Sarah Green said...

Yay Flake-umb!