Monday, June 4, 2012

The Ordination Weekend

For months we had a trip to Houston planned for the Ordination of our friend Luke (now Fr. Luke). After David's 7 day trip to North Carolina, our running a married couples' retreat, and a trip to Baton Rouge for 2 funerals all in 2 week's time, we almost backed out. After deciding what was truly important, we packed up the car, had the kids buckled in, car running. I ran inside to grab the phone charger that I almost forgot and felt something drip onto my leg while running through the living room... 7 hours later, the kids were sleeping in their own beds and David and a dear friend were finished fixing a bad pipe that caused a clog and an overflowing condensation pan that dripped through our ceiling. Can you imagine what we would have come home to had we left Friday night? So Saturday morning we were in the van by 7am and headed to the BEAUTIFUL Houston Cathedral! 2 hours in the van then into the Cathedral for 2 1/2 hours of ordination Mass with our friends the Franco's and the Grifka's. Picture this: Between 3 families, there were 7 babies (3 who were nursing), about 15 books, 4 sippy cups, 2 bottles, 1 toothbrush, 2 sqeaky toys, 1 train, 1 magnadoodle, and 1 glorious container of cheerios. It was a beautiful and hilarious time; our friend Luke becoming a priest and beginning his vocation and his friends who were there to witness it, having already entered into our own vocations! I was tempted to sneak a picture of what our little corner looked like at the end, but instead we took a picture of us to remember the battle won (some were missing because they were still juggling babies. What a blessed and precious weekend. We have a new priest, a seminarian, and beautiful growing families. The weekend was exhausting and joyful and beautiful! What a blessing! "The interior life of a priest should imitate that of St. John: he detects the Heart of Jesus, and the immensity of His love, and then communicates that love to others."

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