Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vacation redefined

Well, we were officially a family of five, in our van, headed down I-12 to Florida. David and I knew it wouldn't be sippin' mojitos on the beach all day, and it wasn't. We learned new, beautiful things about each child that we wouldn't have noticed in our usual day-to-day. We nursed a sick almost 2 year old back to health (interestingly enough, it was easier taking care of Therese while on vacation then in a regular week), and we spent wonderful time together. Thank you to Denis and Linda Husers for letting us invade their beautiful condo! We didn't break a thing... except that Therese tore a page in one of the books. Not bad. Thank you Lord for seeing our need to get away and be family.

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jennygen said...

ca-yute! Glad you have so many pics to account for your foreverlong absence.

Mike, Adi & Drew said...

Fun times! I can't wait to go in May to the beach ;) kids are the cutest in the sand!
Can I just say, those close-ups of Therese SCREAM Constance Darbonne...seriously! It is crazy how she looks so much like your mom. And Jacob looks like Joseph to me...I LOVE his chunkiness ;) and John Paul look so much like David. His eyes are amazing, btw! I'm glad yall had some family time and had a great vacation.

Erin said...

You guys make some seriously gorgeous babies. :)

I'm so happy ya'll got to have such a nice family vacation. What a treasure. John Paul and Therese are getting so big.

God bless you.

Miss you.