Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another milestone... first hospitlization

Jacob is home from his little hospital stay. I'll post more later. All in all, the hospital stay wasn't bad at all (minus the lack of sleep). Jacob most likely had/has the croup. So a couple dozen breathing treatments (and Starbucks treatments for me) and he is recovering (i.e coughing it up... yummy). Therese is right behind him, but a 2-year old body can handle it much better than a 5 month old. And David is sick as a dog too... this is giving us a wonderful amount of family time- truly. God is so gracious and providential. What a great way to slid into home for Lent. Will post more later.

(p.s. I was tempted to leave all the typos (including the word "typoe" that I just typed), our schedule is a bit off so Jacob was watching mama do some pilates and moring prayer well before six).

(no really, the more I type the more I make mistake) Stop justifying it KAte)

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Sarah Green said...

My sweet baby boy. I miss y'all too much... 16 days to go!