Sunday, January 22, 2012

Observations of my children...

As we've "added another one to the mix" as some put it, I realize that it's in this mix that I have grown to know my children better. I thought I would share in this post what is so stinkin' great about our children.

John Paul:

A very observant and thoughtful person. All he has to do is make the decision to do/not do something and he's all in. If he is prepared (by the adult) for what is coming he will be the best helper and participant. His love language is words of affirmation. Sometimes he calls to me across the house just to here me say, "I'm right here." He likes to hear us say, "I'll never leave you." If he knows the right thing to do he will enforce it on younger people (i.e. Therese) or else. He is interested in object ("what's that thing called?") If a video is on- he's sitting still for its entirety. He does not like organized or line dancing. He remembers everything. He is a tactile child- he will find the tags on anything. He gives the best hugs and closes his eyes when he really means it. He lies in his twin bed every morning when he wakes up and waits for us to come get him. HE is the reason we are able to sleep until 7:30 most mornings.


The life of the party. She is very curious. When John Paul was my only mobile child, I never understood it when moms say, "I can't leave him/her alone for a second" because John Paul is doing the "right" thing 90% of the time. I now understand this statement. If it's quiet in the house, we wonder where Therese is. She is very very thoughtful and fair. She makes sure everyone has a turn; a turn to have a sip, a turn to get a blessing, a turn to make a funny sound, a turn to smell her stinky feet. She loves to sing and dance. She likes to be barefoot and will take her shoes off as often/quickly as possible. She is interested in "who dat?" - People. She wants to know who everyone is in terms of their relationship to her. All pictures of girls are mommies and all boys are daddies. She still loves to be rocked. She is a fantastic tantrum thrower and fake crier. Therese is the child David and I will fall asleep laughing about. She is also the child we pray about most often when needing parenting tips from God. She likes stickers...on her face. If a video is on, she lasts about 5 minutes. She is an oral child (at almost 2.) her love language is quality time. Our spirited child.


Loves his family. He smiles at the sound of T and JP's voices. He loves to converse with his Daddy. Smiles at anyone who looks at him, no need to study them first. He loves to nurse. He loves to be close to Mommy and Daddy (all through the night, hehe). He's patient. He does NOT like the carseat. What else can you know about a 3 month old? All I know is that he is a great gift, indeed.

Thank you, Lord, for our precious children... those born and those yet to come, God willing.


Maria said...

I love this post. I love your children. I love that there is at least one mother sleeping til 7:30am and that it's you!

Sarah Green said...

you're right I do love this post.

Agnieszka said...

Wow I stopped for a moment, and got stuck, crying.. I miss You all so much, what a wonderful, thoughtful Mom You are, Kate

AmberV said...

Very Sweet! I love all the details about each child. They will love looking back at this and seeing how you knew them so well at such young ages!

...and Patch said...

i love your posts about them..madden is jp and T all in one LOL.