Saturday, December 3, 2011


We have some friends coming...

If you remember the various posts on David's trip(s) -yes multiple trips- to Poland, then you may remember that he stayed with some beautiful, holy, fantastic people Tomas and Agnes. He/we have become close over the last few years and now they are coming to teach us (and many other members of our church parish) about a lay movement in the Catholic Church called "Domestic Church." It was started by a priest in Poland (a friend of JPII's) and for the first time it has been translated into English and we will be learning about how to become a part!! It's all so amazing and we are so excited... this is happening because my precious husband is so diligent and obedient in his prayer (praise God for my husband), and now the movement will come to America (it's all over the world, but only Polish speaking natives have been member UNTIL NOW).

This is Agnes (she interpreted for David during his recent visit)

Stay tuned for details about their visit. By the way they took David all over Poland, so we plan to take them all over Louisiana!! (It's pretty much the same size.)

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