Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our visit with our Polish friends

Our sweet friends have left us, but they have left quite a mark on our hearts. Thomas and Agnes Talaga and Father Peter Kleszcz (pronounced Kleh-sh-ch) were with us for a week and a half. There was so much wonderful time spent together that I only took pictures one day. There was so much I learned from them- their love, humor, holiness and intelligence, but for fun, I also wanted to share some things I learned about our difference in culture and language.

1. The concern for use of energy is much greater in Poland than America. I will start conserving energy more.
2. They were always eating what was served them. They never wasted ANY food.
3. Poland is a country that endured much suffering for many years. We call our "greatest generation" those who fought during the second World War. I am convinced that what makes a generation of people who are appreciative, grateful, hard-working, and diligent (God-willing also very holy) are those who have suffered. The Polish have suffered both the tyranny of Nazi-ism and Communism- many years or suffering. If Thomas, Agnes, and Fr Peter of a representation of the Polish culture, then we should expect many more people from Poland who will change the world (like St. Faustina , John Paul II, and St. Maximilian Kolbe) because they have lived through such suffering and have come out of it with greater trust in God's providence.
4. It costs NOTHING to have a baby in a Polish Hospital.
5. Poland is about the size of Texas.
6. There are no interstates in Poland... because there are no states
7. Clothes are (for the most part) still dried without dryers (uses a lot of energy)
8. One of the most beautiful children's choirs is in Lodz (pronounced Wooge) and Fr Peter is the choir director -
9. We Americans should all be fluent in at least ONE language besides are own. All three could speak fantastic English (and read it). I wish I could say that Polish is an easily learned language, but that would indeed be a great great lie.

I am so grateful for David after such a week. He worked so hard for them and for us. The retreat was wonderful, and we are so grateful to God for gifting us with Thomas, Agnes, and Fr. Peter and the Domestic Church.

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