Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jacob Joseph Dawson

Short story short: Started labor in the middle of the night on Friday (22nd) and by 12:30 we were at the hospital for me to receive my antibiotic for Group B strep (if you know what that is, then you know why that's important; if not, then it's not that important). I was 6cm upon arrival- Praise God!! 3:31pm, out he came. It happened so fast that we were unable to inform our family/friends of the progress until it was all over. I will also say that he was born naturally, and I will spare you any further details in that.

We are so grateful that Jacob was born on the FIRST feast of Blessed Pope John Paul II since his beatification back in May. This man, though he is John Paul's namesake, is a beloved, beatified, and holy man whom our family loves and asks intercession from quite often.

Our prayers for you were fervent and we are honored to have been able to intercede for you- our family and friends. Thank you for your prayers as well. He is beautiful and healthy and we are so happy to have him join our family. Just before I delivered Jacob, David (in an effort to help me refocus for a contraction, he told me that Andrew was praying for us - Andrew is the baby that we lost last November- and I wept. Looking back, I am a bit surprised that even in the of the pain of delivering the child coming because Andrew was NOT coming, I wept at his loss. He was with us through all of this, and he is our family's little Saint.

Here are a few of the pictures with our camera (whose batteries went dead right after Jacob's birth). When more come from the other cameras I will post. For now enjoy- drum roll......... JACOB JOSEPH DAWSON

(Our precious friends Carrie Chaumont and Fr. Nathan Long are Jacob's Godparents)


Scott DeRouen said...

Your page is very well put together. I believe someone has a talent for design. This is just beautiful, to speak of your faith, your favorite Saint, and the wonderful birth of your child. The pictures really bring everything into focus. God has truly shown on a blessed couple. God bless!
Scott DeRouen

Elizabeth Delaney said...

Congratulations! He is so beautiful. You go, momma!

amberV said...

I love him already. I love you guys so much!!! You are so blessed and such a blessing to others!

jennygen said...

Hands down, the cutest one so far! (j/k) I will be up there as soon as I can to meet him! So happy your delivery was swift! Love you all!

Shayna said...

Congrats, Dawsons!

Haley said...

Congratulations Dawsons!! Way to birth Kate! He is dreamy :)

Linda Foreman said...

Simply Beautiful!!!