Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potty training: the mystery

Our precious John Paul is potty training. I won't drag you in to every detail nor will I address the number of successes and accidents that have come along. We are three days into potty training. Not really sure what to make of it except the following observations:

1)It does not bother him when he has an accident (he's even been caught jumping in it like a puddle) except when it "burned" because his bottom has a little rash.

2) He lets loose ( i.e. he saturates his diaper) when we do put a diaper on him to go daily Mass.

3) His successes are only after watching him like a dirty little hawk letting everything/everyone else go... and I should mention that his successes have only happened with David (never with me).

4) He is willing to sit on the potty if the following things have been said : If you tee tee in the potty you can play train games with Daddy on the computer

5) He is acting out like a mad-man. Could it be his only "thing" to control?

6) He will be 3 in two weeks. Is it still too soon?

7) If he reads this blog post many years from now, he will be very embarrassed. If you are reading this, I love you, my sweet sweet John Paul!


Maria said...

Our potty training effort became a wretched battle of wills. It affected her behavior (and mine), caused a HORRIBLE bout of constipation, affected her eating and sleeping too. We hung it up until we get the other things under control. (All have improved and she has asked to use the potty several times since we no longer bring it up. Go figure.) Control issue? You betcha!

Kati said...

Alyssa was potty trained before 2 1/2. I first tried Dallin about a month after he turned 3 and totally burned out. Then Justin did it a couple of months later and it was flawless. Sounds like wait a little while and try again (maybe a new approach?) Justin bought an e-book that seemed to have helpful suggestions. Good luck :)

Paige said...

Potty training physically has to do with mylenation of the rest of the spinal cord in the pelvic area. The mylenation results in bowel and bladder control. Do not worry. It doesnt hurt to try. If he starts asking for a diaper to do his business, then that is a different thing. Encouragement is the key. Boys mature much slower than girls. Give it a few more months. One day he might just surprise you and do it all on his own!