Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick Days...

I returned from a fantastic weekend of serving on an ACTS retreat team and did not come home alone.

I stayed up way to late most nights playing with friends... friends who were quite sick.

I came home with all symptoms of the flu except the fever (so grateful for that little detail). David continued his super dad/husband duties and took care of all of us while allowing me to take my two and three naps a day!

Yesterday as David prepared to take Therese in for her 1 year check up (I should add here that we had not been seeing our regular pediatrician for her broken leg, so this was going to be his first encounter with the cast). David entered the living room and found John Paul curled up in a ball asleep on the couch (at 10:30am) with a fever. All four of us pile into the car (2 of the 4 of us with something like the flu) and went to the doc.

Today I only needed one nap, and I feel a little better, John Paul is in good spirits but with quite a fever despite motrin. We are praying that God heal John Paul and spare Therese and David.

On a deeper note, this has been quite a penance for Lent, and David and I have discussed that we much prefer the penances He gives us than the ones we make up ourselves. This we are to simply pray for the grace to respond... uh... graciously and offer up our sufferings until He is ready to take it away. May His will be done.

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