Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Birthday Post!!

Therese Marie Dawson is 1 year old!

Cast and all, we celebrated at our house. At her 1 year check up, she is 75th in height and 50th in weight. Our lively, hysterical, curious, snuggle-bug ate her cupcake like she was at afternoon tea. No mess, no fuss, just polite snacking (not very Dawson-like).

She sleeps all night (I mention this because John Paul wasn't even close on his 1st birthday), naps well, eats anything... unless she doesn't want to, in which case, she looks you dead in the eye and throws it on the floor. Her favorite things to do are to read books (or just the first two pages), suck on my fingers/daddy's fingers/anyone's fingers, flirt with men, mess with John Paul (she's a professional), and put whatever is in her hands into her mouth. She can say the following words (ish): Mama, Daddy, John Paul, wuf wuf, meow, balloon, ball, flower, baby, read.

She is a treasured, sacred gift, and we have cherished her first year of life. Praise God!

Eating her cake like an English lady

Posing with her godparents - Pete and Julia Dawson

The birthday girl!!


Elizabeth Delaney said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I want a cupcake : )

Sarah Green said...

Wow she looks so big. Madeline couldn't believe it was her...can't wait to see yall!

...and Patch said...

i can not believe she is one and I have not even met her....that is not acceptable. I will let you know next time we are in LC and i will stop by even if i have to crawl there...LOL
miss yall!