Sunday, January 23, 2011

More pictures from the "Holy"days

Thanks, Sista Sarah for the great pictures, I will now use them to show off my family! You might also notice that there are NO Dawson pictures... it's one of the differences between our two families. On one side there is a camera in everyone's hand... the other side has one camera between all of us and the batteries aren't charged. I am so in love with both sides.

My sweet John Paul

A dream of my mothers is to have the perfect picture with her grandbabies... it has yet to happen.

Sweet Madeline Claire

Anna Kate... I know.

The Darbonne family

"This is my daughter... right here"

Me and my sweet love

Yes, he had to crouch down like a sorority girl to get down to my height. What a man!


Elizabeth Delaney said...

Love this post. Y'all are a beautiful family!

KATEDDY said...

love, love, love! please come visit us soon!