Friday, January 28, 2011

A dose of laughter for you ... and humility for me.

My sweet friend invited me to a little something called "Jazzy Ladies." We were at a meeting when she invited me, and I was in the middle of filling out something, so all I heard was that it was called that. I told her yes, was so grateful, and arranged for childcare (David :).

As I drove to Jazzy ladies, I was on the phone with a friend and told her how excited I was for this Jazz class, and how I had just watched the movie Chicago and was ready to dance, and that I was wearing double braids and leggings (which I LOVE because I feel ready to move around in them) and my favorite cap (I sound like so much fun to talk to, don't I?).

I arrived to the Country Club (odd for a dance class, right?) and saw two friends upon arriving. The conversation went something like this:
Kate: hey, [friend's name], you look nice.
Friend 1: yeah I'm going to a brunch, what are you doing?
Kate: I'm meeting my friend [friend's name] for a class... Jazzy ladies, do you know where I go?
Friend 2: We're meeting her, too, but it's not a class. It's a Jazz brunch with a King Cake demonstration.
Kate: Oh, well... I'm dressed for a jazz class, that's nice.
Friend 2: Yeah, I think it's a nice brunch (merited comment, I looked like I just woke up, and we were at the country club).

That's right. I assumed with the title "Jazzy Ladies" that I was about to get the new version of jazzercise... at the Country Club. Am I an idiot?!?! Did it ever occur to me to ask her WHAT IT WAS?!?!?!

I laughed all the way to car (assuming that I wasn't coming back) and called the same friend whom I just spoken with. She told me that I needed to go home and change and get back there. I'm so glad I listened! It was a FABULOUS brunch with a king cake demonstration from a friend's mom, and I can't wait to try it out myself.

Interesting side note: in confession yesterday, my penance was the Litany of Humility, which I hadn't found in card form in my house... so I guess God was allowing me to live the lesson of humility instead. Funny, Lord, funny. Enjoy the weekend, everyone. And thank you sweet friend for inviting me!


Nichole said...

I love love LOVE this story!! Hahahaha. Oh, Kate. That's awesome.

Sarah said...

Love it!! I can actually picture you there! Miss you bunches.

Maria said...

Classic, Kate. And Classic Kate!! So perfect. Thanks for sharing your lovely moment. Glad you went back.....I'm not sure I would have. :)

Shane F said...

Kate, I am dying laughing!!!!! That is so something I would do! So glad you went back and had a great time! It is always nice to get out and socialize!

Katie said...

Kate!!! I can just picture you and I am losing it! Thanks for the laugh :)