Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where have all the Dawson's gone.

A classic song from high school days... one of many songs that had no meaning, yet was played as loud as possible in my little purple altima.

Sorry, that was not the reason for this post.

I am checking in with blog world to let whoever is wondering know that we are here, we are well, we are healing, and we are joyful! I have not posted a single picture in about 2 months- two laptops that we have had over five years would be the reason. A new-to-us computer is on the way (thanks Mom and Daddy Darbonne).

John Paul's vocabulary has sky-rocketed, making any and every conversation with him a wonderful delight. Therese is currently hitting the following developmental milestones all at once: cutting her first tooth, cutting her second tooth, scooting, crawling, pulling up, pincer Hence... a long posting absence.

Pictures are coming soon! For now enjoy a video from John Paul's 8th month... no it's not Therese. Don't be fooled.


k jane c said...

yes! i love that precious child! and i know ill love therese when i meet her! can that be soon ....please?

Maria said...

"C'mon, Mommy. Let's go watch baby John Paul!" Gianna Lewis

Sarah Green said...

great video of a precious child!
here is the crazy part I can not remember the name of the town this video is...yalls old town? Scary how my memory is going.
15 days to love of this little boy.