Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The first tabernacle...

... was our Blessed Mother. Today we celebrate HER conception- her sinless conception. I think if we (despite our religious beliefs) reflect for a moment of the magnitude of Christ's life- His love, His mercy- we will not be able to help but reflect on the magnitude of His mother. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us.


Linda Foreman said...

Kate, you are awesome!

Hope your december is going well. We are settling into Laffy town (actually we're in Carencro right now, living in Derek's grandmother's old house, which is on the property of his parents). It's quite a fun and interesting dynamic.....We'll prob be here until we sell our house in BR.....been praying those novenas like crazy, but not worrying :)
(Just hope we sell in a speedy manor)
OK, talk to you soon I hope. Love looking at your beautiful fam!

k jane said...

I agree with Linda. And I'd like to see the both of you very soon. Yay for Mary saying yes!