Friday, March 5, 2010

A week of blessings

Well, I have been blown away at God's Providence these last days and weeks! I was humbled by David's post, and just so you know, he is pretty much the perfect husband... and I say this after almost 3 years of marriage. I don't know who still considers that a honeymoon phase, but God did an amazing job creating such a husband for such a crazy woman!

We went to the children's museum earlier in the week where David had more fun than John Paul! I left the night of my birthday for the retreat David spoke of. I returned from an enriching and Spirit-filled retreat to a spotless house and my birthday gifts: A BEAUTIFUL statue of St. Joseph (the patron saint of families), a small mosaic of St. Therese (our girl name), and David informed me that he has a really strong feeling that our bb is a girl (though I think boy, but no matter). He then said, "Why don't you go put it in the baby's room." I opened the door to a room that, before the retreat was pretty much a trash pile of unorganized toys and baby supplies. It had become a perfectly set up room complete with a baby bed- from our dear friends Carrie and Alex (yes, we were baby bed-less- thank you Carrie), a twin bed (for the bad nights)from my parents, and all the clothes in their proper places. The changing table and rocking chair are in our room where the baby will be for a few months.

So here we are enjoying the last few weeks and days of our one child family, and I am truly grateful for the peace that has come with the last stage of this pregnancy. I am so blessed.


Maria in Lewis Land said...

Precious. What a sweet, thoughtful husband. I showed G a picture of you and your munchkin and she said, "Don Paul!" and then said, "and Cake!" See? even the little ones know how "sweet" you are.

Sarah Green said...

And you an awesome wife..don't forget that. That is why you two are a perfect match. Now go secretly get a starbucks yummy and think that u r sharing it with me :-) love you and miss you already like crazy...tearing up right now dang it!

Fleur Ferrara Williams said...

Kate! It's your long lost friend, Fleur! I stumbled across your blog via Ashley Donald's....look at you, you're married! And a mommy! It's been so long since I've seen you, I had no idea! Well congratulations on everything, and I'm so glad to see you're doing so well. I'll definitely pop in on your blog (if you don't mind) every now and then to see how yall are doing. Take care!