Sunday, March 21, 2010

A beautiful week

This week has been so joy filled that I cannot describe it in blog world. The anxiety and worry and even the lack of sleep that I experienced when John Paul was born is GONE!! I have been so blessed with friends and family to visit us and shower us with gifts and food. A spinal headache, though painful and frustrating, was (what I believe to be) God's way of keeping me off my feet like I was supposed to be. I am feeling so great otherwise, that I might run a marathon had it not been for two (count 'em two) blood patches for the spinal headache that force me to stay off my feet just a little longer. Therese has opened up a whole new part of my heart that I didn't know was missing. I have never loved John Paul or David so much in my life. God is so gracious and has such wisdom when he creates families- however HE creates them. Thank you for your prayers!


Shane F said...

Congratulations Kate! She is absolutely beaurtiful! Glad to hear you are all doing well!
Lots of Love,
Shane, Jonathan, and Emma

Maria in Lewis Land said...

I'm so glad you heart and your family are growing so beautifully. Missing you guys. Will call soon.

Gwen Sherburne said...

I just peeked at your blog and saw that your newest miracle has arrived! Blessings to your family...and a little sleep!