Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who can forget Putt Putt?

David decided that it was time to introduce John Paul to Putt Putt (or really that we wanted to play and thought he might be able to enjoy it a little). Enjoy it he did... for about 4 holes. He turned it into a basketball-like sport, i.e. throwing it into the hole. Then David and I took turns playing while the other followed him around the course that we had all to ourselves! David did not slaughter me with his score like I thought (which is good because I cry when I don't do well at sports... still... at almost 28 years of age... I know my mother-in-law is really laughing at this statement). We then ventured to Mr. Gatti's... you Lake Charles people know the sheer delight in store for us there. David and John Paul went to Gattiland and won 112 tickets. What did we take home? A 2" plastic puppy that you can squeeze and his eyeballs pop out (so safe) and three little plastic frogs that you press the back and that jump... ya know? So worth watching John Paul (even if Gattiland is merely a little children's gambling establishment). Great day... great great day.


geauxcory said...

Looks like fun! We've never attempted to go to putt putt, but I would imagine, we'd have the same type of experience.

Amy Langley said...

soooo fun.... i have to agree with amber. never attempted putt-putt with our crew either. we should try it, they would have a blast.(me and nick probably would not like it very much from all the running-chasing we would have to do, but hey i guess we do it for them, right?) lol...nevermind i just got tired thinking about bringing them.