Friday, February 19, 2010

90 to Nothing = ear infection

We have had the most fun this last week! David was a keynote at the Lake Charles Diocesan Youth Conference, then we headed to Baton Rouge to be with the Dawson's for our sweet Liam Kenny's baptism (hooray! another one set to go for the Kingdom), and then to Lafayette on Mardi Gras day, where John Paul wanted to play parade for a good bit after it was all over (throwing beads to you and yelling "YEAH")! Then we got an added bonus and the chillins (Madeline, Anna Kate, and John Paul) were given the opportunity to ride Popcorn, the Pony. He was a natural! Is this a surprise to anyone?

Unfortunately, a 18 month well baby visit to our fantastic pediatrician showed us that our precious little man (who woke up at least a gillion times last night) has a double ear infection. This is his first one, and I admit that I sort of forgot about those after he reached a year. So smart, Kate. Way to go. Then the two shots in the leg didn't exactly put icing on his cake... not all days can be fun days. But John Paul is such a trooper. I will try my best to post the video I took of him riding- if I have 6 years to let it upload, I will do it.

By the way- we're at 37 weeks!! Woo Hoo. I would like to make it to the retreat I am suppose to attend on the 25th, but after that, I'm game.

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The Donald Family said...

I love keeping up with your sweet family. you and mauree, and kate inspired me to start a blog...
i'll be praying for you and your family with your upcoming delivery!
lots of love!