Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The perfect picture with Santa!

For those of you who don't also follow my sister's blog... these are her beautiful daughters!!! Madeline Claire is 2 1/2 and Anna Katherine ("Anna Kate") is 13 months. Is this not the Santa picture you have secretly always wanted? The only thing missing is that Santa is not as sketchy as I would have hoped. I mean, he looks like he's ready for his coffee break, but I was hoping for his brown hair to show through, his beard to be falling off, etc. I'll rely on those crazy "sketchy santa" websites for those. Thank you, Sarah and Steven, for making your children with these personalities when it comes to strangers and this EXACT age apart... just for this picture!

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geauxcory said...

I saw this on your sister's blog. It is priceless! I loved your sister's comments to go with it, about Anna Kate being a drama queen and Madeline doing anything for stickers. Too funny! And when will we get to see a picture of John Paul with Santa?