Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My new recipe book: Bruises and bows

So, I hope she doesn't mind me doing this, but I HAD to get this out to those of you who don't know Christa McManemin...

Instead of ANY of my recipe books, I go to her blog. Not only do they always turn out yummy (and I am no baker or cook), but I KNOW that I will find it easy to make, simply ingredients, and she adds tips to make the experience easier (for us gun-shy house wives).

The latest recipe you may ask? Her posting about Paula Dean's Old Fashion Fudge Pie. I am making them for Christmas, so in case some of you are still looking for something to contribute to your family's Christmas... and maybe your pregnant, or have one running around, don't have a lot of time, only have nap time to get anything done... here is the recipe. I haven't even baked them yet, but I become so grateful and excited WHILE baking, that I posted. I have my computer on the counter with The Ambassadors of Harmony singing Christmas music on Pandora .com and enjoying coffee while John Paul sleeps. Christa, you have once again made life easier for me.

Oh, and not to mention that Christa's blog has quotes, musings, prayers, and lots of insight into the blessings and trials of motherhood and family life. She is a gift!

Thank you Thank you, Christa. I hope to see you very soon!


Christa said...

well aren't you sweet! :) I appreciate it so much... I'm thrilled to be able to help you!

Claire said...

Am I so out of the loop that I just discovered Pandora yesterday while cleaning house??? LOVE it! I get so bored with my iTunes list that I'm always looking for new good stuff. Wonderful website!

PS - might just try the fudge pie for myself after Christmas. Yum!