Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Paul is 1 today!

John Paul Dawson has reached the ripe, old age of 1... I can't believe we survived. What a ride? Huh? Anyone else know that parenting was going to be such a roller coaster of joy, laughter, tears, screaming (you and the baby), diapers, schedules, naps, rice cereal, blenders, smiles, coos, bottles, breast pumps, pulling over off the road, high chairs, passy's, no passy's, sleeping, teething, spit up, milicon, nose bulbs, "the lip", head back-to-prove-your-point drama, "dah-dee," socket covers, onesie extenders, maternity clothes-switching, pregnancy nervousness, pregnancy excitment, pulling up, falling down, bloody lips, passing off to grandma, date night, cry-rooms, burp clothes, cameras, tantrums, sighs, belly laughs, guitars, snow days, hikes, clapping , fakes cries, and on and on... this has been quite a year.
God gives us a desire to give of ourselves completely to someone else- He is certainly fullfilling that desire in my life. He is so gracious. I'm celebrating by having some ice cream (because baby number 2 won't allow for a glass of wine). David is still out of town, and we have had 3 offers on our house (I love those Novenas) in the last 3 days. God is good. I'm going to sleep- what a great day.


Maria said...

Happy Birthday John Paul! You've got a little one year old friend waiting to play with you in LC.

Great post, Kate. I almost felt a little worn out reading it. :) So glad to hear happy house news.

Mike & Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday John Paul! Kate, you are too funny! Is that what I have to look forward too?! Bring it on! You have such a beautiful sweet family with the cutest baby boy! I know this is a huge milestone for yall so eat that ice cream til there's none left!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that y'all got the offers on the house! I'll continue to pray for your family.


geauxcory said...

Happy Birthday John Paul! What a blessing about your house!!!