Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Yummy Goodness

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1 qt strawberries 3 tbsp corn starch
1c sugar 8 oz cream cheese
1c whipping cream milk

Soften cream cheese with a little milk and spread on baked pie shell. Wash berries, dip 1/2 of the berries in sugar and set close together on creams cheese. Mash the rest of the berries and add remaining sugar mixed with corn starch. Bring to boil and cook 10 minutes. Cool and pour over berries- top with whipped cream.

How to make it crazy...

Buy "whipping cream" according to the directions, and when you see that the directions say to top with "whipped topping" allow your husband to figure out how to cream "whipped topping" out of "whipping cream." Add a little sugar to what's been whipped, and taste the deliciousness.


Soften the cream cheese just enough that when you try to spread it in the pie pan, you realized that it needs to be further softened, and when you pour the cream cheese back out, allow the entire baked crust to come sailing down into the bowl with the cream cheese. Laugh until you wet your pants, and then add some of the "whipping cream" with it and whisk it all together. This will then proceed with the strawberries and cooked part. This will create more of a refrigerated dessert rather than a pie. It will knock your socks off!

Now... it is Holy Week for some of us, so I would wait until Easter because this will be a BIG BIG temptation if you gave up sweets!

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