Thursday, September 18, 2014

An Overdue Dawson Update... bullet form

  • We are now 15 weeks pregnant for our next little miracle. I had a small gift given to me recently in Adoration. I (tried to) picture the moment when I get to hold him/her (which is really an impossible thing to do), and while I couldn't see a face, I got a taste of the feeling I will have.
    • This child is (how do you say) 100% God's idea- what an incredible moment it will be to behold the face of a child whose existence was completely HIS thought.
  • Our house is under contract and we are in the middle of the waiting game: appraisal, inspection (which brought the price of the house down... again), termite inspection.
  • We're looking for a house, not sure if we can afford to buy (this side of the state is bloody expensive, ya hear?) or rent, and we're waiting for God to tell us if it should be north or south shore.
    • I'll translate: Northshore - north of Lake Pontchartrain including, but not limited to Mandeville, Covington, Abita Springs, and Madisonville. Southshore: Metairie, Kenner, and all the little areas of what falls south of Lake Pontchartrain that are too numerous to mention.
  •  My  sister, brother-in-law and their 2 precious girls have moved back to Lake Charles... like a few days ago, so we haven't been west to see them. So glad to have them closer. An answer to prayer for sure!
  • Micah says a lot of words: Daddy (no, not Mama), ice, please, Body of Christ/Amen (and feeds himself), and  sings Alleluia.
  • My brother is getting married in less than a month... crazy.
  • One child (nameless for the purposes of dignity) has fully begun to explore the pushing of the envelope: how much can I get out of you/this situation, and what can I get a way with without getting in trouble? It's a bit of an emotional experience for this pregnant,dramatic mama.
  • We've begun attending the daily masses at Notre Dame seminary from time to time, which is filled with seminarians and priests (and like two other single women), and a few professors who are married. That should explain itself... it's pretty interesting.
  • We recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary... so grateful for my precious (and incredibly good-looking) husband and for a wonderful, fulfilling marriage. (Thanks, Elaine for babysitting)
  • I'm really beginning to feel the ache of being without friends. We have some family here, but there is no replacing friends that are so deep in my heart. You know who you are..... with that being said...
  • God has provided sweet and holy friends for us to meet here (and some old ones too) and we are so grateful that they are opening their homes and their hearts to us.
  • Jacob has become extra snugly, making sure that before any sort of management takes place (diaper-changes, food-dishing, disciplining), he gets a hug. It looks like this: Me- Jacob lets [fill in the blank]. Jacob- Mama, I hug. What a priority check to the question of "Am I mothering or am I managing?"
  • John Paul is reading well and adding in his head. (Through no teaching of mine, you see) He isn't that interested in drawing/coloring pictures during Religion. He's much more interested in dialogues...I kind of feel like we should have pipes while discussing questions like: What does it mean to know God? or What is the most important thing Jesus did for us?
  • We will be attending a retreat for married couples this weekend on the Northshore (St Ben's Monastery) and will be giving another Domestic Church retreat this November. This will be a first for this side of the state (the BR/NOLA area if you're interested).
  • If you read in a previous post about the broken dishwasher being spiritually enriching and thought I was holy, let me clear the air... the dishwasher has broken again (it was a precious 3 weeks of having it back). It doesn't fill my soul like the last go-round, but I have simply worked hand washing into the routine (helped considerably by watching a series set in the 40's... keep reading). Maybe if I donned a cutesy apron, I would be happy to do it...
  • It has been a time of heart/soul stretching, finding creative ways to stretch our food dollar and enjoy the weekends when David is home and when friends come to visit.
    • In one particular week, we had friends come for various conferences, trainings, visiting, and school- Wednesday through Sunday that week we had overlapping visitors every day and night. It was such a nice break from the regular routine! So grateful for that week!!
  • Therese LOVES pre-K. In fact, she asks for more school than I can provide. She literally says, "I want to do more school, Mama. Please teach me." 
    • If I could find my bloomin' home school stuff, baby... so we're making do and the kids seems to be enjoying just fine. That's all I can ask for at this point.
  • Just finished watching "The Pacific" - the series done by the guys who did "Band of Brothers" - learned a lot and my heart is aching for the men, the loss, the stripping of souls of then men who returned, the change of the times. We learned a lot, stayed awake late all week (there were 10 hour-long episodes), and tossed and turned every night trying to process what we had just learned. Deep Sigh- that was exhausting... and now to watch the entire DVD of special features.
  • We've gone home to visit LC one time... and due to David's work ethic and his refusal to skip work as I had suggested, I drove with the kiddos SOLO... not bad (when you stop at Jimmy Johns in BR to have lunch with Pete and Julia!) 
  • And now for pictures...
 John Paul (now 6... sorry, forgot to mention that)
and Jacob (3 next month) at Chili's after playing on the Northshore.
 The drive back from LC
 My sweet Therese picks me flowers every day
 One day of school, Micah decided the Sister's lap was the ideal place to play. 
She obliged... for over an hour.
 The newest Dawson at 13 weeks
 Micah enjoys what is clearly dancing with Mama Mary! He knows how to pick 'em!
Joesph and Dominique's picture in the paper...

We are learning a lot, enjoying being just us (which has been an unexpected treasure) and learning to trust in God's Providence and His plan for us. Our hearts are full, and we are grateful...

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