Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pics from the phone...

 I have no camera. This makes it difficult to show the world how cute our children are. So here are a couple from my phone in the last month...
 The three big kids during the ice days.

Jacob Joseph. 2 1/2 and needing a trim.

David and John Paul building a lego ship that is 500 pieces. It starts...
And finally. My super heroes! Just before this picture came this converstaion: T: John Paul come lie down. We're married so we can sleep in the same bed (her latest facination- ruh roh). John Paul: No, we can't! We're not married. Super heroes don't get married. Therese: Mama can super heroes get married? Me: I'm pretty sure. I think Spider man was married. Therese: Good- I'm Black Widow, so call me Black Widow, but we're married John Paul, so we can sleep in the same bed. So come to bed.

You can't tell, but she 1) will be only 4 in 2 days despite her super tall self and 2) cut her own hair yesterday, she's got some pixy bangs. "I'm not even angry, I'm impressed" - Ron Burgundy

And then there's our sweet sweet Micah Man. 9 1/2 months and finally only waking up once or twice!! Love this little man... who's slapping my legs to get off this blasted computer!

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