Thursday, February 6, 2014

How's about a Christmas post?

Yes, it is February, but because we don't have a working camera, I am at the mercy of other people's pictures. But here are pictures from the holidays. Interestingly enough we have at least 3 cameras when we're with the Darbonne side of the family and when we go to the Dawson's we have no cameras (besides the phones) and we never remember to take pictures. I promise David has a family, they live in Baton Rouge, and we love seeing them...

 We traditionally pick all the oranges and everyone takes turns juicing them.
 Then there's video after video after video... because you can imagine that with 5 grandchildren under 7, we need down time. They are mesmerized...
 So are the babies...

 Micah was not quite 7 months here... he is now 8 1/2 months. This was the one week span where he sat up without going anywhere. It was a precious time, that has long since been left behind seeing as how he very quickly learned to crawl, to pull up and to cruise before 8 months. Cute cute kiddo
Sarah , Steven, and sweet sweet Isabelle (Baby Belle)

 David and Therese... and then there's Sarah and I... this is a typical scene.
 If I've never introduced her before... this is Dominique Lane Meyer. I think it's safe to say that she and Joseph are dating. They've been together since Jacob was about 7 months old.

 Granny and Grandpa with all the kidlets.
 And here is everybody following the Christmas Eve Mass. We took up nearly the entire front row. Sorry if you found us a distraction, but I thought everyone did fantastic.

Anna Kate (5) Madeline (6) and Therese. This was the most normal one I could get, because they were all taking turns being silly. Silly, beautiful girls!
And here we are!  
Thanks for sticking around to see what the Dawson's are up too. 2014 is going to be wonderful.

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