Wednesday, May 15, 2013

While we wait...

39 weeks today... nothing to report. Though, I will say that I am indebted to Britney, my sweet friend who invited us to Galaxy Bounce House today for all our little olive plants to jump around. No, I didn't purposefully jump (I bet my mother-in-law is just ready to faint reading this), but I did HAVE to help Jacob inside some of the bigger jumpy things... and up some of the blow-up slides. Yes, there were indications on these monstrosities that pregnant women should not partake... I signed a waiver. Don't worry.

Anyway, David and I decided to take a family day to trip to Baton Rouge (again, I know some of you think I am just insane. I'm ok with this) to meet David newest godchild Cecilia Jane Dawson.


 The day she was born
 This is Mimi and Grandaddy with all their 6 grandchildren... 
couldn't figure out how to stick my belly in this one to make it seven.
(Therese- 3, Jacob- 18 months, Luke- 16 months, Liam- 3 1/2, John Paul- 4, Cecilia- 1 week)
David fell instantly in love. She's so beautiful, y'all.
And while we wait... we like to paint...ish

And I had to mention another important event in the life of a sweet friend. Adrienne will travel to Houston tomorrow (3/16) to begin tests and have surgery for breast cancer. She is a trooper, she is strong, she is peaceful, and we are praying for a swift recovery for her. Must mention that she happens to be the kids pediatrician, so we tried (believe me) to have Micah before she took her sick leave. Sigh. Please keep our precious friend in your prayers.

So that's the Dawson house... don't feel like you need to sing the jeopardy song or anything. We'll be around. You know soon enough.

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Katie said...

You are such an inspiration! So joyful and honest. Many prayers for you and Micah (Why did I think Micah was a Marianne?) and your family as you prepare to welcome him!