Monday, April 15, 2013

A few pictures to update you!

I thought I would let you know what the last few weeks has brought us... that have been captured on my parent's camera, that is...

How many before shots does it take to get your Easter picture together?
 Depends on who's upset about his coat.
Still upset...
 Ok, this will work... even if Jacob looks forlorn.
 This is the "we survived Easter Sunday Mass" picture.
 My super-duper fantastic, beautiful, funny, humble, thoughtful sister-in-law Julia will be having Baby Cecilia on May 9th. Our bumps are in a race to see whose can make her fall forward first. Thanks Uncle Pat for making sure the bellies were in the picture... we won't tell Liam or the top of our heads that they didn't make the cut.
 And finally, my sweet, dear friend Lisanne Ruth Meiners, no McCullough was married to her precious Patrick over the weekend. It was a quick trip, but worth every second.
 She was so stunning, y'all, I just couldn't get over it. Every time I looked over at her or spoke to her (or secretly followed her around snapping shots with my parent's fancy camera) she had that beautiful smile on her face.

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Sarah Green said...

YAY Lisanne! Great pics of the fam.