Thursday, February 21, 2013

Canada: an Adventure across the border

You might recall a post that David and I planned a trip to Ontario. Well, we went... and boy was it an adventure (here it is appropriate to sing "We had an adventure today" as seen on classic sesame street episodes as sung by SWV).

We arrived in Buffalo and were picked up by a dear friend, driven to the Canadian border which was in Niagara Falls. We continued to Kitchner, Ontario, and the retreat itself was in Melrose, Ontario, which is located in the middle of beautiful farming country (imagine snow-covered farmland, barns, animals). I just have a few pictures that would interest you, but I didn't want to leave this post without them. 

 A bit cold, eh? (David's wearing his March for Life Hat- way to Evangelize, my man)
 Between 19 and 36 million gallons spill over the falls per minute!
 Icicles beneath the falls
 The lower deck was closed because of the ice. I was tempted to jump over the gates and make a snow angel... we had just gotten to the snow.
 So much beauty in this one shot- the falls are beautiful too ;)
 There were so many angles, it just didn't get old.

 In Melrose at the St Michael retreat Center. That is super deep snow for a girl who's all of 5'1"... and almost 7 months pregnant. Can we say Braxton Hicks?
 See? I swear we went to a retreat. Everything was in Polish, the talks, the Mass, the songs, the food. So amazing and humbling to be at the mercy of those who were there. And their graciousness brought me to tears. God provided every step.
If this trip were any later in the pregnancy, I wouldn't have been able to zip this jacket.

What great trip. There are no words for the gratitude we have for those in Canada and MOST ESPECIALLY to those who cared for our children: Mimi, Granny, Grandpa, Carine, Alvine, Adai,  Joseph, Dominique, Linda, Denis,  and the many many who were willing to help, and to those who prayed for us.


Maria said...

Glad it was a good trip. Cute pics.

Sarah Green said...

Canada looks beautiful but I am glad y'all are home safe and sound.