Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling weak? Rejoice!

This is from the Magnificat - a Catholic subscription for daily readings, prayers, and reflections.

The man who is faithful to Christ does not lose the sure beam of rescue even in this of temptations and ruin. From himself he has expected nothing except incapacity, weakness, and failure. But from the Lord who lives within him he hopes for the sudden light of day and the saving beams of morning, hopes even in the hour of deepest darkness. He knows with Saint Paul that "my strength is made perfect in your weakness." God's strength fills the weakness of man. Along with the Apostle he hears the Lord's encouraging word: My grace is enough for you," and recognizes that everything good, holy, strong in his life is the Lord's doing; the pitiful, poor, the weak, his own. At the sight of greatness which God can accomplish in and through men, all the powers of life wake once more, and have their victory in that power. Humility finds a way back to itself through the confidence in Him. What had become a source of suffocating weariness to us, our own weakness, becomes the cause of joy; we learn to love our poverty, for it is the ground for Christ to show his strength:"I delight to boast of the weaknesses which humiliate me, so that the strength of Christ may enshrine itself in me."

- Sister Aemiliana Lohr

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