Thursday, August 11, 2011


John Paul will be three tomorrow (August 12th), I thought I would just post pictures that recap these last years that have changed my life. John Paul made us parents, and I have not stopped learning since. I had no idea I could love a person like this. I am grateful for the joy and challenges that loving him brings. I am so grateful that we get to work out our salvation by living and loving with him! Happy Birthday, John Paul, my heart's delight!

Here is an unorganized array of pictures from his first three years- so ha to find the best pictures- he's just so handsome. Sigh. You can also click on our fotki link to see a great many more pictures of him... and the rest of the Dawson crew. Thanks for visiting today. If you would, so a quick prayer for John Paul's 3rd year to be all God wants for him.

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AmberV said...

Happy Birthday John Paul!! You are blessed!