Sunday, September 26, 2010

Therese is 6 months... cathing you up (lots of pic-chas)!

Well, it's no surprise that the 6 month check up revealed that our sweet Therese Marie is OFF THE CHARTS for her height (27 1/2") and 75% in weight (17.1 lbs)! She sits up like a champ and her preferred position is standing while holding onto your fingers. Her pediatrician says she'll be an early walker (how else will she keep up with John Paul- who is her favorite person).

We were able to see Sarah and her family when they came to Louisiana (Ruston) and we met them in Alexandria at the zoo (quite a zoo; worth the 1 1/2 hour drive). It was just for a moment, really, but it was worth it. We won't see them until Christmas (they live in Denver, CO).

Because Therese is able to sit so well, she and John Paul are now playing in the tub together. This is such a joy to see (unless John Paul decides that he doesn't want to bathe, then it's funny because Therese doesn't seem to notice that the decibel level will surely damage her tiny ear drums).

(Yes, he found her nipple in this last one)

Aren't you so in love? For more pictures (yes there are more), I made September's and August's pictures easy to get to. See "Our Family Pictures" on the right column. Enjoy!


Maria said...

DANG!!!!!! 37 1/2 inches???? She almost grown a foot since the last time I saw her! (I'm guessing you meant 27 1/2. :)

She's beautiful. I need her. We have bonding to do.

Sarah Green said...

so if you can't find your kids in the morning its bec i took them and am snuggling with them in the rockies! love baby t's little cherry dress..can't believe she is wearing it already.
NIPPLES!!! what a boy!