Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bye Bye Erwin Drive

Bye Bye Erwin Drive...
The first house we had together.
We brought the first baby home to it.
The house that I thought I just wanted to be OUT of.

Life is never what you thought it would be... nothing like I pictured.
God has provided for us like I should have known He would. My mom came today and helped tremendously! Tomorrow, Pete (David's fabulous brother) is coming to help move the man stuff.

We will be at my parents for a few days, then my sister's house for a week while they are in Colorado... our stuff will be in storage (again- not like I pictures, but abundantly provided for).

To our friends and loved ones east of the state- thank you for a lifetime (for David) and 10 years (for me) of love and support, laughter, and countless other blessings. We will miss you... and maybe we'll be back here before we know it- as life tends to LOVE throwing us curves. Bring it!

To our friends and family west of the state - Get Ready! Cause HERE WE COME!!!


Sarah Green said...

Welcome back to the west-side sister friend! It is sad to leave your first home...it makes sad to think we will do that to our house one day. However, progress makes life interesting. So live, laugh and have babies. Love that we are together again in the LC!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry said...

Good luck at your new home...isn't it funny how we grow so attached to places we though we couldn't wait to get out of!

On a side note...what Catholic books or bible guides, etc. would you recommend? It seems like you and your husband would be a good resource for that sort of stuff :)