Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh... and we're moving to Lake Charles

That's right. God has decided that the Dawson family needs to move to Lake Charles. David has accepted a job with OLQH- not kidding. He will be the youth minister/young adult minister/retreat guy/who knows what else-er for the Church and school and high school. This has been something that we admit we would not have said yes to on our own, but through prayer and discernment, it has been made very clear that we are to TRUST and OBEY. God is faithful and He will provide.

He pretty much has to because now we are 1) trying to put our house on the market while at camp in NC though the house needs some serious help 2) trying to find a new house in LC that is reasonably priced but has enough space for both babies and for my in-laws who I can't bear to think of parting with 3) and not to mention that we are having a baby in March.

If you think to send some prayers our way it would be much appreciated. If any of you Lake Charles ladies want to start a play group, my house can be it... we just have to find one first.


Maria said...

God is good. Await his providence. Can't wait for our play pals. Love you bunches.

geauxcory said...

Oh, I wish we still lived in Lake Charles. How much fun! I am so glad for you guys and I know God will provide. He always does.

Jessica A said...

congrats Kate! I know all about the "listening to God"--- he makes me give up my desire to have control on a daily basis. But, as we all know, he knows what is best and will guide us accordingly. Love, Jessica

Mike & Adrienne said...

Kate! I talked to your mom and dad today!
She gave me your blog address! Yay! Congrats on being pregnant AGAIN! We are excited for yall!