Monday, June 22, 2009

Teething, Colds, overnights, Oh My!

It's been a fun and trying couple of days. As head of paddling, David takes paddling overnights (paddle all day, camp out in the mountains, paddle all day, return around 7pm), so he is on his second of the summer. Our John Paul is cutting his third tooth in a month, and I honestly cannot tell if that is why he's not breathing/sleeping well, or if he's got a bug of some sort (with the amount of fun he has in the water/grass/dirt, a little bug wouldn't be suprising). Just keep my men in your prayers (and maybe a short "let Mommy get some sleep, God" would be nice for me).

All the while, I am so grateful that God has called us here this summer. It will certainly never be possible again, and this makes for a very very very interesting summer.


geauxcory said...

I know it can be very difficult trying to figure out what is wrong with your baby when he is not himself. Trial and error is your only hope. About Landry's is exactly the same as mine was. We were both born with black hair that lightened to a dirty/strawberry blond color. And mine was straight as a board until I got to 4th grade. Everyone says she looks just like me....except for Cory's family of course.

Maria said...

Hang in there, kiddo. Gianna had one tooth for a month and then cut 3 more all at once. It all seems to make sense after the fact.....just a guessing game before. May the sandman visit you all soon. Rest well and keep making great memories. Love you...M<><

Anonymous said...

Hey girl
Bella just cut her third tooth and one of her top teeth just won't break through the skin. She went from sleeping from 7 to 730 to waking before five. Not fun. But since I am a mother of two I know this will soon pass. I give motrin and teething tablets. Hang in there....God knows how much you can handle.